The Hustle In Me

Do you ever have those moments where you just get to sit on the couch, kick back and watch tv?  What’s that like?  As a single mom, I find that I rarely get those moments.  I seem to live my life for my children.  And you know what?  I don’t think I’d have it any other way actually.

I work my regular 8-4:30 full-time job.  I bring home a decent paycheck.  But kids are expensive!  I try to keep my kids busy too because this day and age you don’t want a child getting bored nor succumb to isolation.  Back when we were children there was really no such thing as isolation…unless you got in trouble and you were grounded to your room.  Other than that, we were almost always outside running around with our friends.  We were always at friends’ houses or had friends at ours.

Now, children play with each other via internet connections…from their own individual homes.  My boys sit in their rooms, or in the basement, and talk to their friends online either on FaceTime or on the Xbox.  They rarely actually hang out in person.  So I encourage theem to get active.  To play sports.  To do things.  The problem with this is…everything costs money.  And usually not just a little bit of money.  It’s usually upwards of $100 or more.  Incurring these extra expenses every month is, and can, be so difficult for a single parent!

So the hustle in me just won’t quit.  It can’t.  I find extra things to do, to gather extra money, to keep my kids going!  I drive sometimes for Uber and Lyft.  I have a cosmetic business I run.  I am on a freelancer website doing data entry, transcription work or setting up Excel or Word documents for people.  I download various apps where I snap pictures of all my receipts and submit them and as a result I get gift cards.

In between all this hustling…I am also trying to be a good mom.  I try to do fun things with my boys.  I try to cook good meals.  I try to keep my house clean.  I try to keep up on laundry.  I try to be at every single sporting game that my  boys have.  I try to go to school conferences.  And then finally….I try to DATE!  The days never seem long enough.  The weekends never seem long enough.  No one can ever say that I didn’t try though.  I sure try.

So what’s it like again so sit down and relax?