Live Your Best Life

Why do we care so much about what other people are doing?  What other people are saying?  What other people think?  Especially after a break-up.  “I bet my ex is out partying…I’m going to go out and party it up.”  Or … “I bet my ex is having sex right now.  And what am I doing?  I’m sitting on this blog.  I better go have sex.  BRB ….”

Who cares!  This is how major mistakes are made.  You’re all of a sudden living your life by someone else’s standards and not living your own life at all.  You’re spinning off a whole slew of unhealthy vibes and developing unhealthy relationships.  In this process you’re not only damaging yourself, but you’re damaging others in your tornado path.

The best thing you can do with yourself…is just be yourself.  Practice getting out of the mindset of wondering what your ex is doing and start getting into the mindset of thinking about what you want to do.  Whenever a thought or image of your ex pops in your head, catch it, throw it away and replace it with, “let me call up some of my girls and see if they want to go have a beach day”, or “let’s do some research on google to see how I can start a blog”.  Look up some things on Groupon and find fun things to do…things that YOU want to do.  Read a book.  Watch what you want to watch on t.v.  Go to the movies.  Organize and declutter your house.  Find little odd jobs to do to earn some extra cash.  Before you know it…you’re all of a sudden so happy and content with YOURSELF!

Then BOOM…you’ve become this strong independent person.  The right person will enter your life at this moment…and will stay there because they will see how happy and content you are with your life, they will see how motivated and smart you are…and these are such attractive qualities to have.

Friends…readers…get out there and live YOUR best life.