I know every lipstick-wearing woman has always desperately wanted a lipstick that really stays on your lips throughout the day, right?  You’ve tried multiple brands.  Some have worked better than others, but still not a single one has “made it” in your mind.  You’ve spent money, lots of money, looking for the right one and ended up settling for one that was “decent”.

Well…I have stumbled upon a brand that I will swear upon.  SeneGence’s LipSense.  I actually bought my first few tubes of this lipstick a little over two years ago…and I’ll never buy a different lipstick again.  Ever.  Last year I decided to actually get into the SeneGence business and start selling their products.  Now people have tried to get me into MaryKay, Avon, Thrive, ItWorks!, etc. and I’ve never been into starting my own business and never been into products enough to actually start selling them myself.  Don’t get me wrong, there are things I like about some of each of those businesses…but after trying SeneGence’s, well…everything, I’ve never been so committed to a business and product line in my life!

There are some tricks, however, to making your LipSense last longer (actually mine usually lasts from 7 a.m. until I remove it at 9 p.m.).  I didn’t know these tricks when I first started wearing LipSense.  No one ever told me.  So I wasn’t getting that long of wear from my LipSense.  Now that I sell LipSense, I pass my knowledge on to all my customers.  I want them to love their lipstick just as much as I love mine.

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Tricks and Tips

First, you have to “prime” your lips.  This basically just means clean them really well with either Witch Hazel or with the LipSense remover.  Either will work just fine.  Then make sure you dry your lips prior to the next step.  Second, shake the living snot out of your LipSense tube of lipstick.  You have to mix up the pigments in there really, really well.  So shake, shake, shake away!  Third, you want to apply 3 thin layers of LipSense to your lips.  To do this, you wipe off all the access LipSense from the wand (wipe it on your tube).  I like to first outline my lips like I am applying a lipliner and then I fill in the bigger part of the lip.  You have to move in one direction with this lipstick.  You cannot go back and forth and you cannot touch your lips together during application.  You have to let each layer dry completely before applying the next.  And then finally, after your third layer is completely dry, you apply your gloss.  THEN you can touch your lips together.  Finally!


You need your gloss.  You should apply it here and there throughout the day.  The more you lick your lips, the more your color will wear down and begin to flake off.  Your gloss will help so you don’t lick your lips.  Also, you should apply your gloss before and after you eat to assure your color remains in tact.  Additionally, greasy foods will also break your color down a bit.  So be mindful in what you are eating (we all probably really should anyway).


The Perks

All of these products last FOREVER!  Seriously.  Due to the small amounts you use for each application and due to the fact that you have such few reapplications (if any) throughout the day.  My LipSense tubes have lasted me more than one year (some more than 2 years).

You can layer the colors and come up with hundreds and thousands of different colors.  You can also ombre the colors or make cool designs on your lips (if you wanted to).  How and why?  Because these colors don’t smudge, fade or transfer.  I LOVE doing ombre colors!  These have to be the funnest because you really don’t know exactly how it will end up (and it almost always looks fabulous).


It’s not just the lipstick that lasts forever either.  Everything does.  The foundations, the eyeshadows, the facial products, etc.

To Check Out Products

SeneGence carries so many amazing products.  LipSense is just one of the many.  You can check out my website at  Let me know if you have any questions.  I would definitely not brag nor be excited about a company nor about products if I truly didn’t have great results with them.  And don’t forget…satisfaction is guaranteed!